Aeromotors LLC
Aeromotors Background
  Aeromotors moved into its new 14500 square foot facility in southern Wisconsin in the winter of 2006, which allowed us to expand. Following is a list of some of the equipment and capabilities that we have at this facility:

Aeromotors is now authorized by EASA and capable of Dual Release 8130-3.

  • 1. Computerizes dynamometers ranging from a fraction of an inch ounce to 55 inch pounds.
  • 2. Electronic controlled winding machines for armatures, field coils and brake coils
  • 3. Electronic controlled fuser used to connect the armature wires to the commutator.
  • 4. Powder coating capability
  • 5. CAD drawing capability
  • 6. Magnetizer, used to magnetize permanent magnets
  • 7. Computerizes balancer used for armatures and fans
  • 8. Diamond turning of armature commutators
  • 9. Fuel pump test benches
  • 10. Plenum chambers use to test a number of different blowers
  • 11. Actuator test benches incorporates oscilloscopes for measuring performances.
  • 12. We have the capability to develop and approve test equipment as we may need.
    An example of this is a rotator actuator that is tested at a set voltage with a set load which must run within a current draw limit, time limit and total revolution limit. We developed a computer monitored test that runs the actuator on the dynamometers and measures current draw, time of run and counts the total number of revolution of the actuator as it is runs at 7500 RPM.